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Taking Custom Orders From Your Inbox Using Shopify!

Taking Custom Orders From Your Inbox Using Shopify!

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Make the transition from social media to your own online store seamless with our Shopify course on accepting orders directly from your social media inbox 💚.

As a custom business owner, it can be tough to shift customers from Facebook to your own online store. Our easy-to-follow video guide will show you how to create custom orders, fulfill them, issue refunds, and even add new customers to your Shopify store.

By learning from our course, you'll be able to meet your customers where they are on social media while still collecting important customer data, sending professional invoices, and streamlining your tax season.

Say goodbye to the hassle of following a paper trail and register for our course today for lifetime access.

(Note: If you've already taken our Shopify for Crafters course, there's no need to purchase this one.)

What's Included:

-How To Create Custom Orders In Shopify

-How To Fulfill Orders In Shopify

-How To Refund Orders In Shopify

-How To Add New Customers To Your Shopify Store & Much More 

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